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  • An update on ozone profile trends for the period 2000 to 2016 

    Steinbrecht, W.; Froidevaux, L.; Fuller, R. et al.
  • Harmonized dataset of ozone profiles from satellite limb and occultation measurements 

    Sofieva, V.F.; Rahpoe, N.; Tamminen, J. et al.
  • Measurement report: regional trends of stratospheric ozone evaluated using the MErged GRIdded Dataset of Ozone Profiles (MEGRIDOP) 

    Sofieva, V.F.; Szelag, M.; Tamminen, J. et al.
  • Merged SAGE II, Ozone_cci and OMPS ozone profile dataset and evaluation of ozone trends in the stratosphere 

    Sofieva, V.F.; Kyrölä, E.; Laine, M. et al.
  • Observations and model data 

    Petropavlovskikh, I.; Sofieva, V.F.; Frith, S.M. et al.
  • On the improved stability of the version 7 MIPAS ozone record 

    Laeng, A.; Eckert, E.; von Clarmann, T. et al.
  • Overview: Estimating and reporting uncertainties in remotely sensed atmospheric composition and temperature 

    von Clarmann, T.; Degenstein, D.A.; Livesey, N.J. et al.
  • The GHG-CCI project of ESA's climate change initiative: Data products and application 

    Buchwitz, M.; Reuter, M.; Schneising, O. et al.
  • The Greenhouse Gas Climate Change Initiative (GHG-CCI): Comparison and quality assessment of near-surface-sensitive satellite-derived CO2 and CH4 global data sets 

    Buchwitz, M.; Reuter, M.; Schneising, O. et al.
  • The greenhouse gas project of ESA's climate change initiative (GHG-CCI): Overview, achievements and future plans 

    Buchwitz, M.; Reuter, M.; Schneising, O. et al.
  • The LOTUS regression model 

    Damadeo, R.; Hassler, B.; Zawada, D.J. et al.
  • The ozone climate change initiative: Comparison of four Level-2 processors for the Michelson Interferometer for Passive Atmospheric Sounding (MIPAS) 

    Laeng, A.; Hubert, D.; Verhoelst, T. et al.
  • Time series and trend results 

    Hassler, B.; Damadeo, R.; Chang, K.-L. et al.
  • Validation of GOMOS ozone precision estimates in the stratosphere 

    Sofieva, V.F.; Tamminen, J.; Kyrölä, E. et al.
  • Validation of MIPAS IMK/IAA V5R_O3_224 ozone profiles 

    Laeng, A.; Grabowski, U.; Von Clarmann, T. et al.