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  • Detection of solar-like oscillations in the bright red giant stars γ Piscium and θ1 Tauri from a 190-day high-precision spectroscopic multi-site campaign 

    Beck, P.G.; Kambe, E.; Hillen, M. et al.
  • Ensemble asteroseismology of pulsating B-type stars in NGC 6910 

    Moździerski, D.; Pigulski, A.; Kołaczkowski, Z. et al.
  • Long-term photometric monitoring with the Mercator telescope Frequencies and multicolour amplitudes of γ Doradus stars 

    Cuypers, J.; Aerts, C.; De Cat, P. et al.
  • Post-AGB stars with hot circumstellar dust: Binarity of the low-amplitude pulsators 

    Van Winckel, H.; Lloyd Evans, T.; Briquet, M. et al.
  • Towards ensemble asteroseismology of the young open clusters χ Persei and NGC 6910 

    Saesen, S.; Pigulski, A.; Carrier, F. et al.