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dc.contributor.authorLamas, Eduardo
dc.identifier.citationEduardo Lamas, 'The copies by Miguel Manrique and Western Mediterranean commercial networks', in: Copies of Flemish Masters in the Hispanic World (1500-1700) : "Flandes" by Substitution, ed. by Eduardo Lamas & David García Cueto, (Turnhout, 2021), pp. 233-241en_US
dc.descriptionThe Flemish painter Miguel Manrique (Marche-en-Famenne [?], ca. 1610/12- Malaga, 1647), known as Michele Fiammingo in Genoa, developed his career in Italy and in Spain. Some authors affirmed that he was trained by Rubens in Antwerp. At the end of his life he established himself in the city of Malaga, where he combined his profession as a painter with activities as a merchant and a moneylender. The little is known about his work in Spain let suppose that he dedicated a part of his artistic activity there to the production of copies after Rubens' models. This paper analyses this little known production and link it with other copies made by other local artists after Baroque Flemish masters, and it does discuss an eventual local production of copies in Malaga in concurrence or in collaboration with the art dealing houses in Antwerp within the Spanish art market.en_US
dc.titleThe copies by Miguel Manrique and Western Mediterranean commercial networksen_US
dc.typeBook chapteren_US
dc.subject.freeFlemish paintingen_US
dc.subject.freeBaroque paintingen_US
dc.subject.freeart marketen_US
dc.subject.freeManrique, Miguel
dc.subject.freeDe Wael, Cornelis
dc.relation.projectInternational Research Project COPIMONARCH. La copia pictórica en la Monarquía Hispánica, siglos XVI-XVIII (I+D HAR2014-52061-P)en_US

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